LGSTX Services provides Cargo Handling, Ground Service Equipment, Gateway Operations and the maintenance service that keeps all of those operational for the air cargo industry. However, they offer much more than just aviation services. LGSTX Services combined with its subsidiary, TriFactor Solutions, partner for full-service Material Handling Packages. Traditionally, LGSTX Services provided maintenance and repair services to companies utilizing material handling equipment systems with TriFactor specializing in the design, engineering, and installation of that equipment. The combination of these two companies provides a one-stop solution for companies of all sizes to increase efficiency and accuracy while decreasing downtime with access to national service through the LGSTX Call Center. As an ATSG Company, LGSTX has become an industry leader in providing services to the aviation industry. With the addition of TriFactor, they are providing the same level of service to global companies installing Material Handling Systems. SERVICES:
  • Material Handling
  • Maintenance Services
  • Gateway/Station Management
  • Equipment Leasing
  • Warehousing/Distribution 
  • Call Center Support 24/7


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